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Maureen SantosJune 24, 20186706 min

Is Trump’s administration planning to adopt Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation?

With the never ending issues that Americans face regarding net neutrality issues, the  Trump administration is considering to foster data protections like Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation.

The White House is looking into some kind of regulations similar to Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation.  Concerns regarding the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal still lingers on. Recently, reports emerged that the latter distributed information with various mobile device manufacturers. This generates doubt over what it denotes for people and national security.

It is too early to know what process it will be and the meeting could at some point indicate some kind of regulatory structure in the US. Creating an executive order is possible that could oversee the Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology establish privacy standards. Another thing is the partnership between the public and private that could deal with the issue.

Whatever the White House people recommend surely is not a replica of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation. Slater indicated that while some components of the new laws might be engaging like having more control over own data. However, other provisions like the “right to be forgotten” cannot coincide with the US laws.  The Trump administration wants participation in the controversial national and international argument how to secure consumer online privacy.

Europe has already enforced its General Data Protection Regulation. It is weighed as the most stringent combination of existing privacy laws. And it seems like the US Presidential Palace is implicated to delve into some rules of their own.

White House National Economic Council special assistant Gail Slater is looking into the categories of protocols. And if there could be any, there is a possibility that it may or must be effected to the country. Other opportunities that have been tackled are collaborating with the tech industry to agree on instructions instead of laws. Even if it’s a far weaker way, spontaneous best procedures could make of effective standards.

Slater has also convened with the Technology Industry Council CEO. It is the enterprise group that represents firms like Apple, Facebook, and Google. It also includes The Business Roundtable technology committee members such as Apple CEO Tim Cook,  IBM CEO Virginia Rometty, and Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam.

Apple put forth that it will employ General Data Protection Regulation for its customers around the world just like Microsoft. Companies are only granted to gather and fulfill this data for one of six particular reasons. In most case, cooperate consent is needed. It will drop behind the ones that are already in place for European customers.

According to 9to5mac’s poll, some 90% of their readers strongly agreed on the concept of US companies embracing the General Data Protection Regulation privacy principles.

Americans are still confused with what’s going on with the net neutrality’s continuous debate, but the White House is considering to adopt new rules that would significantly impact the internet, and how users will access them. At the Decenternet network, there is no censorship and the user’s data are protected and kept confidential.

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