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Maureen SantosApril 11, 20184664 min

Net neutrality supporters are increasing by the minute. Will they overturn the FCC’s decision before the deadline?

Based on the Federal Register, the agency’s decision will take place 60 days after its publication, and that would be on April 23. It’s just less than two weeks, and state officials are jostling to endorse net neutrality drive.

Two US state senators from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, and Ed Markey emphasized support for the net neutrality drive. Both senators did not vouch for the exact schemes but proposed letters to a state judicial chamber. This is to back the perception of state action to protect free and liberated internet access.

Rep. Warren wrote in her declaration that the agency had departed its responsibility to preserve nondiscriminatory and open internet since it decided to roll back net neutrality rules. It is now up to the people, federal elected officials, as well as state and local governments to protect net neutrality. That is why a majority is pursuing the net neutrality drive.

According to the special state Senate council, Massachusetts should enforce state-level net neutrality guidelines. It would disallow ISPs servicing the state from blocking or delaying content.

It is expected, however, that the net neutrality drive will be opposed by the ISPs and tech industry. Representatives from tech companies are concerned about the likelihood of a mixed bag of state protocols.

According to TechNet Executive Director Matt Mincieli, their concern is the increasing laws that are pieced together that some states may have while some won’t.Besides, they are also worried about how the tech sectors will start to conduct business. The net neutrality drive could create confusion for them.

The committee proposed legislation that will prohibit the blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization of the ISPs. Additionally, a registry will be established, necessitating providers to be transparent with their procedures. Lastly, they should not gather, use, or even distribute one’s personal information without any consent.

The dnet platform does not do all of the practices mentioned above. Instead, it supports free speech d provides users the freedom to interconnect online freely. It does not utilize a system that would spy on its users.

Moreover, dnet does not slow down contents and has incorrupt constancy with no crashing, freezing, or rebooting. Users will have absolute access to both centralized and decentralized web.


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