DecenternetUS Senators’ Fight To Revive Net Neutrality Rules

Maureen SantosMay 4, 20185424 min

The net neutrality repeal took place on April 23 but not officially. The Office of Budget Management needs to review the rules first before it could move forward for official implementation.

Once the OMB approves it, the FCC will publish a new document in the Federal Register. This is the time that the repeal will be officially reinforced.

In response to the agency’s decision, US Senators are making haste to acquire sufficient majorities. The lawmakers are prepping up to suitably try and overturn the repeal. They are getting all the support they can get to revive net neutrality rules.

Last December, Chairman Ajit Pai, and his agency decided to revoke the 2015 Open Internet Order. The then-rules mandate ISPs to treat contents, apps, and websites equally. Once the repeal becomes official, everything will become the opposite. That is why net neutrality advocates are doubling their efforts to revive net neutrality rules.

Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Ed Markey pioneered the endeavor to reverse the agency’s decision to revive net neutrality rules. This is to use the Congressional Review Act that will authorize legislators to disregard the regulatory deviations.

Advocates of net neutrality look to the CRA as their best chance to revive net neutrality rules. Based on a December 2017 survey, more than 80% of 1,077 registered voters who participated did not agree with the repeal. The Program for Public Consultation conducted the poll at the University of Maryland (PPC).

Governors, mayors, tech industries, and other proponents of the Open Internet Order unite as one to revive the net neutrality rules. This is to hinder ISPs, cable, and broadband providers from engaging in paid prioritization not to mention the blocking and throttling.

At the Decenternet platform, Internet users are guaranteed that no such practice will be experienced. As a matter of fact, they will have unrestrained access to both decentralized and centralized web. Consumers can fully express themselves because their free speech is protected and enabled.

Moreover, the system that Decenternet uses keeps the individual’s personal information confidential. It will not be distributed unless permitted.

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