DecenternetUS State Bill Requires ISPs Net Neutrality Run Down

Maureen SantosApril 11, 20184974 min

Illinois sees net neutrality run down as a solution but the clock goes tick-tock as the FCC’s net neutrality approaches. Will Illinois make it on time?

It would be less than two weeks before the net neutrality repeal, and different states in the US are making haste to put their own open internet rules in place. However, Illinois lawmakers are confident that before the deadline, they have already come up with a strategy. One is to require ISPs for a net neutrality run down.

This week, the state’s recommendation is slated for a hearing. ISPs that provide services in Illinois should reveal if they are not willing to abide the net neutrality rules. States might not be permitted to classify the Internet. But, they do are authorized to stipulate guidelines for any providers that conduct business in the said state. Providers will be obliged to provide a net neutrality run down.

State Rep. Ann Williams (Chicago Democrat), admits that it’s just a few weeks before the net neutrality repeal takes place. But, the state will go by the precedence of at least 12 states that laid out their own recommendations.

“This is not a small issue. This is not an issue that’s going to go away. We are committed to doing whatever we can to get it across the finish line,” Williams said.

Based on the Illinois HB 4819, ISPs that provide service to the state should preserve net neutrality. Importantly, they should not restrict access to sites established on paid prioritization.

Net neutrality run down would be one of the best ways to make sure that ISPs will adhere to the conservation of net neutrality. Paid prioritization is a big no and so do throttling and blocking of lawful contents.

With the dnet platform, net neutrality rules are kept intact.  It uses a decentralized system that provides boundless access to users. It does not utilize system resources that can be used for shadowing.

The dnet is designed to protect individual’s security and empowers free speech. Additionally, speed won’t slow down so users can communicate freely online.

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