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Maureen SantosApril 10, 20184944 min

What does everyone think about FCC’s net neutrality repeal? Your guess is as good as mine.

Since the FCC’s net neutrality repeal announcement was made public, various reactions enshrouded the agency. Diversity has been formed between the Democrats and the Republicans along with the customers and their broadband providers.

The agency’s decision of net neutrality repeal created de-establishment among ISPs and the states. Advocates push to restore an open internet while the chairman himself visits different states to promote net neutrality repeal.

If the administration cannot do something to protect its people, it’s up to the state governors and mayors to take action. There are different options they can undertake.

♦ Don’t do anything. However, if no one does anything, what will happen to their localities? What kind of public servants are they if they cannot protect their people?

♦ Adopt a purpose. A legal appeal can be communicated to the state government to press Congress or the FCC or both of them to reconsider the net neutrality repeal.

♦  File a lawsuit against the FCC. More than 22 state attorneys general filed a case against the agency which is still pursuant.

♦ Encourage the state governor to endorse an executive order. This decision is an approach to the prerequisites that could be in any other way be authorized by a state legislature.

♦ Legislate a measure on state contracts. This type of draft will invoke net neutrality on any providers that have or want to deal with the state.

♦ Authorize a rule on all ISPs. Considered as the broadest means will institute a law mandating all service providers in the state to acknowledge net neutrality regulations. It means no blocking, throttling, or paid prioritization.

As what Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is going to do, the House Bill that she is going to sign today will protect the residents from ISPs blocking, throttling, or paid prioritization of content (case to case basis). Ajit Pai and his agency will have a hard time to achieve its goal of the net neutrality repeal.

On the other hand, net neutrality is safe in the dnet platform. There is no room for throttling, blocking, or even prioritization of contents for those who can pay extra bucks for faster internet connection.

At dnet, everyone is treated equal and has the liberty to freely communicate online. Users will have absolute access to both decentralized and centralized websites.


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