MINDBLOWING[VIDEO] 5-Minute Eye-Opening Video Of How Elites Stay In Control

Maureen SantosDecember 19, 20177513 min

Disclaimer: The following material deals with controversial subjects. The theories, opinions and beliefs expressed are not the only possible interpretation of the evidence. Viewers are urged to make a judgment based on all available information.

How powerful are the wealthy? Do you think they will support whatever it is that’s beneficial to everyone? 

I highly doubt that! Have you ever thought how the elites managed to stay on top? The truth is, it is because of us. We keep on believing in them, and we let them control us. And yet, we are longing for self-growth, we are relying on what they feed us instead of trying to stand up for our choice and decide to thrive what’s best for us. Are you going to let them control you? Or are you now ready to embrace your power? Watch this.

Greed, poverty, inequality, environmental destruction, war… how are we letting this happen? How can a system in which so few make the important decisions, be able to sit comfortably on their pile of wealth while the rest of the world goes to waste? How can a small group of men in suits be able to direct the current in which the entire human race moves? We think it’s complicated. We think that their power is acquired in a very complex, political and scientific way, and it sure may seem that way behind the scenes. But this video sets the record straight.

Maureen Santos

She lets everyone become aware of what is happening to our beloved planet Earth and its inhabitants. She can take you beyond the space and find out how neighbor planets are doing. Moreover, she would open your eyes to the things what makes the Earth suffer including the living species and allow you to decide what you can do to help save the planet and the future generation.

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