SPIRITUAL[VIDEO] The Best Way To Boost Your Psychic Abilities and Open Your 3rd Eye

Maureen SantosMay 31, 201725584 min

Do you want to develop your psychic ability?

From clairvoyance to clairsentience to clairaudience to more types of psychic abilities, it really is impressive to have these abilities where only few people have.

Having a psychic ability is a very crucial gift to have, the usage of this ability depends on the character of the personn possessing this ability. If the person is good, then it will be used for a good cause. Unfortunately, if the person do not possess good characteristic, it will be more likely to be used on unfair circumstances.

Would you like an easy way to open your 3rd eye? What I’ve found is that most people are right on the verge of having their 3rd eye opened but generally, give up right before it’s about to happen!

Do you see these colors?

When meditating, do you see purple, blue, or white colors moving around in your 3rd eye? If you do, then you are SO CLOSE to opening your 3rd eye! This is the stage where most people give up because they can’t seem to get any further than seeing colors moving fluidly in their mind’s eye.

Do this right before you go to sleep to open your 3rd eye

Right before you fall asleep, your mind goes into the alpha state. This is the state where it’s most conducive for channeling but you’ll also get visions while in this state.

When you go to bed, relax your mind as if you’re meditating. This is when you’ll have your first 3rd eye experience. Sometimes, you’ll hear and see something but most times, it will be an image that flashed before your closed eyes. Similar to seeing your own aura, the images won’t initially last long until you’re able to focus your attention on them long enough in a relaxed, meditative state of mind. Once you’ve mastered this, you’ll start to get them intermittently throughout the day, without even trying!

Try this tonight and let me know if it worked for you in the comment section below!

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