MINDBLOWING[VIDEO] Brilliant Man Creates Endless Supply Of Hot Water Without Electricity

Maureen SantosMay 5, 201717625 min

Do you think we can survive a world free from electricity?

An extremely brilliant man successfully created an endless supply of hot water without using any type of electricity!

This invention can surely help a lot of people, especially in areas where electricity is poor or in areas where there’s no electricity available at all! And take note, it’s an ENDLESS SUPPLY OF HOT WATER! How amazing is that?! If he was able to create a powerful invention such as this, imagine what this man could even create in the future?

Check out this amazing invention by watching the video below. See it yourself!

Whether one lives off-grid and seeks to create an endless supply of hot water or lives in a location with sparse resources, this video is sure to inspire and inform.

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The information shared reveals that all one needs to create an endless supply of hot water is some recycled parts and a small rocket stove.

In case you’re not aware, a rocket stove is a hot burning stove that uses small diameter wood fuel. It ensures almost complete combustion prior to the flames’ reaching the cooking surface and is extremely efficient. Learn how to build your own HERE.

The ingenious technique described in the video utilizes thermal siphon pumping to move the freshly heated water into the reservoir. It’s easy to reproduce and will ensure an individual has an endless supply of hot water for as long as they need.

via Simplecapacity.com

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