Decenternet[VIDEO] Broadcasting Company Anchors Echo Trump’s Messages

Maureen SantosApril 5, 20187054 min

Where is the freedom of speech? 

The everyday news is seen and heard in the newspaper, television, and other forms of devices such as mobile phones. However, it is not normal if broadcast company anchors are just parroting the feedback of the Trump administration.

Analysts condemn the FCC because it has given Sinclair Broadcast Group the authority for shameless controlled preferences. This is evident in the broadcast company anchors that are forced to echo Trump’s messages. Dozens of videos went viral showing them of reading a script derogating “fake news.”

According to Newsmax Media CEO Christopher Ruddy, Ajit Pai together with his agency is welcoming in key liberal networks to do the same. The organizations include NBC and ABC.

Since Pai became the FCC chairman, several rules have been changed and benefitted Sinclair a lot. In October 2017, the agency repealed the Main Studio Rule. This measure necessitates local TV stations to come up with a studio in their served community.

Now, there is no need for it. Sinclair will pursue on clearing away more TV stations. In that way, they can centralize means in an unparalleled manner. Viewers might not realize that the news station they are watching is owned by Sinclair. In the long run, they will notice that the broadcasting company anchors are delivering the news based on what they are being told.

These helpless broadcasting company anchors can’t do anything but to abide. They need to report the news against their will or their contracts will be penalized.

All people from all walks of life are being affected right now even if the FCC repeal of net neutrality has not taken place yet. What more if it does?

The dnet platform has found a way to counteract these types of aggression. It uses technology instead of fear, war, or separation.  Users can still achieve net neutrality to empower their speech. Their rights will be preserved as well.

The dnet system is developed for the individual’s protection and personal security. In addition, it does not use system resources for spying. Likewise, it does not account for anything to anyone without permission.


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