Decenternet[VIDEO] FCC Obstructs Emails Exposé of ‘Harlem Shake’ Net Neutrality Video

Maureen SantosApril 6, 20185355 min

Why would the FCC not want to expose the emails regarding the ‘Harlem Shake’ net neutrality video?

Just like a celebrant endorsing a product, agency chairman Ajit Pai put some costumes on to promote net neutrality repeal on the internet known as the Harlem Shake video. He showed up in the The Daily Caller news site full of optimism for the people once the repeal has taken place.

What Pai did shocked a huge part of the US population since his act is very unusual for an important government official. This Harlem Shake video has garnered criticism from the millions of viewers who have seen him wearing a Santa suit, sunglasses, and brandishing a lightsaber on YouTube.

The Harlem Shake video catches the interest of many people and is now wondering about its origin. Muckrock is also eager to know who is behind the video’s concept. It is a nonprofit organization that provides assistance to request and evaluate government records.

Four months ago it appealed to the agency a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) concerning the emails regarding the Harlem Shake video. However, the request has been turned down this week. The agency identified two pages of emails but kept it secret in accordance with the b(5) exemption about the deliberative process.

This has not been the first time that the agency used b(5) as an excuse to prevent access to dumbfounding records where Pai himself stars. In fact, it also denied Gizmodo’s request regarding the chairman’s video where he kidded and called himself a “Verizon

It is not surprising that what he endorses in the video would be all about the advantages of the repeal. People are already experiencing the negative effects even before it takes place on April 23.

ISPs providers are already blocking, throttling, and discriminate contents in favor of those willing to pay more. Low-income households will just be content with a slower connection or none at all since they cannot afford to shell out extra bucks.

This will not happen in the dnet platform because users get compensated for using through Spyce mining activity. Spyce is the productive currency of dnet. The underlying system resources are used to develop user experience and Spyce mining improvement.

The dnet platform provides users full-scale access to the decentralized network. Simultaneously, they can access traditional websites with the restraint. The system does not give any pertinent information to anyone without consent.

Net neutrality stays with dnet to facilitate free speech. Users will have the liberty to interconnect freely online.

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