[VIDEO] Hilarious Dog Surprises Everyone During Live News

This dog is a bit extra and everyone loves it!

During live shows, especially during live news, staffs are always extra cautious as they only have one shot to do everything right. A single mistake could be part of history.

But unexpectedly, a mistake happened behind a live news in Russia and everyone’s enjoying it!

Check this out.

A Russian news broadcast was suddenly interrupted when a friendly black lab wandered into the studio, startling anchorwoman Ilona Linarte.

dog surprises news anchor Russia

Linarte did her best to keep the broadcast going, but the pup really wanted to play. From behind the desk you can see a tail wagging before he pops his head up to say “hi”.

Linarte shouts to her producers behind the camera, saying “I’ve got a dog here! What do I do with this dog?”

We think all news stations should have dog co-anchors. Watch the news clip below.

via Sunnyskyz.com