INSPIRATIONAL[VIDEO] Jim Carrey’s Surprising View About Religion

Maureen SantosJanuary 27, 201714792 min

Jim Carrey, a famous and successful Canadian- American comedian, impressionist, screenwriter, and film producer, is a proof that even the most successful ones suffer from depression. Though I think, they are more likely to experience it because they live in a world where being glamorous 24/7 is a must. But what’s awesome about Jim Carrey is how he overcame depression and how he relates it to his view on religion. He showed everyone how a fine man he is. Intriguing? Watch this video of him during an interview.

In the video you are about to watch a video of Jim Carrey being asked about religion. Below, you’ll hear him say,”I’m a Buddhist, I’m a Christian, I’m a Muslim, I’m whatever you want me to be. It all comes down to the same thing. You’re in a loving place or you’re in an unloving place, if you’re with me right now you cannot be unhappy, it’s not possible.” How can you not love his reply?

Watch the full video below.

Maureen Santos

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