NEWS[VIDEO] NASA Reveals The Real Image of ‘Heaven’

Maureen SantosNovember 8, 201741394 min

Is heaven, real?

People always talk about heaven, but is it real? Just when you thought science do not believe that heaven does exist, then you are wrong!

In the video below, you will see the image of ‘heaven’ as called by NASA which will surely blow your mind away.

If you thought heaven is far, then watch the video first!

It is well-known fact that NASA keeps on watching the Cosmos all the time… and not only watching, but taking photos of it as you read this!

Recently, they released mind-boggling photo! In order to fully see it as it is, you need to use special zoom. The video bellow will take you through a journey of 100 billion (yes BILLION) starts, which is very little speck of space.

Believe it or not, the one single photo you’re about to see is made of 411 photos combined together and spans about 40,000 light years through space… to grasp why NASA used so many photos to combine into one, you must see the video bellow.

Fun Fact: the photograph is 4.3 gigabytes, and if you wanted to download it to you computer, you would need few hours to do that, since its memory is equivalent to 3 hour HD movie. And we don’t need to mention again that it’s ONLY a photograph.

This is the sharpest picture ever taken of the Andromeda galaxy, and if you wanted to see the entire picture (combined of 411 photographs together) you’d need more or less 600 HD Tv’s to fit the entire picture of “Heaven.”

If you visit SpaceTelescope.org you can enjoy zooming the original photo in and out , without the need to download 4.3 gigabytes to your PC.

Set the video to full-screen and put some High Quality headphones!

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