MINDBLOWINGNEWS[VIDEO] New Evidence Reveals Planet Nine’s Existence

Maureen SantosMay 25, 201813714 min

Planet Nine made its presence known when a big group of international scientists defined the activity of a new-found distant planetary object indicates a huge planet influence.

Two years ago, Caltech astronomers suggested the probable subsistence of a big planet that orbits the sun. That heavenly body could have been the ninth planet in the Earth’s solar system and will be known as Planet Nine. The astronomers came up with their prediction by studying icy objects that occur at the threshold of the solar system. The study showed that the orbits were bent due to a gravitational mass.

They implied a very distant planet about four-fold the Earth’s size and times 10 of its mass, could be responsible for the peculiar behavior.  If such a planet that humongous and heavy truly exists, it will be too far away and could take between 10,000 to 20,000 years to make a single trip around the sun.

Following the disclosure of their first discovery, the team published reports that provide more evidence about the existence of Planet Nine. It could have played a role in why other planets are tilting in our own solar system. Likewise, why the objects in the Kuiper Belt journey in a counter direction.

The research also led them to the discovery of an asteroid called the 2015 BP519. They found out that the space rock has a different orbit which is quite extraordinary. Although some do not admit that Planet Nine was accountable for the eccentric orbit, a majority acknowledged that the new findings provide more weight to the concept.

Planet Nine has always been accused of pushing planetary objects around. Before it was theorized in 2014, 2 astronomers, Scott Sheppard and Chadwick Trujillo observed the differences in the orbits of many small objects beyond the bounds of Neptune’s orbit.

The findings are submitted to The Astronomical Journal titled “How Astronomers Could Actually See ‘Planet Nine’.


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