MINDBLOWING[VIDEO] A North Korea Adventure That You Should Watch

Maureen SantosMay 10, 20179284 min

Have you been to North Korea? Or would you even love to visit North Korea?

We all know how strict North Korea is, you can’t just decide one night that you’ll go to North Korea and be there freely the next day. There is a long process before you can visit the country and of course, just like visiting any other foreign country, you must be aware of their laws to avoid conflict.

There had been a lot of propaganda about North Korea, some are good but some are really terrifying. If you haven’t watched one video about North Korea yet, then take time to watch this video below.

It is nearly impossible to get any reliable information on North Korea, every week, we are bombarded by a bizzare media-spectacle sharing often misleading stories. From nuclear apocalypse and prison camps, to banned sarcasm and compulsory identical haircuts. It has become like a giant pantomime with any story regarding North Korea becoming a viral media hit, regardless of the accuracy of the the story.

In this short film two Australian film makers decided to go to North Korea for themselves to get a haircut and find out more about the North Korean culture.

This film was created in good spirits, but don’t be fooled by the lightheartedness of it. We are not supporting North Korea by sharing this, but merely addressing the hypocrisy of the American propaganda machine. Truth is any human rights violations North Korea have committed will have been totally eclipsed by the US, as (directly and indirectly) the US are the biggest human rights violators on the planet.

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