NEWS[VIDEO] Senator Reveals Why Netflix Users Should Support Net Neutrality

Maureen SantosMarch 14, 20183694 min

Senator Charles “Chuck” Schumer said that Netflix could persuade its users to advocate for net neutrality.

It’s just a one-shy vote to augment the suspension of the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality that was proposed in December 2017. The 49 US Democrats require one more vote with the cooperation of Republican Sen. Susan Collins.

The senator said that he’s been making efforts to count on tech companies big and small to extract the net neutrality vote. He’s been ringing friends including Union Square businessman Fred Wilson and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings for their support. According to him, Netflix users will shell out more cash and could have a slower service as well if the net neutrality repeal will prevail.

Sen. Schumer admitted that he is not tech-savvy though he is very engrossed in numerous issues concerning the tech industry. These include immigration, net neutrality, and rural broadband access.

The Democrats need more help than they can get especially that the Congress has voted in unison on March 6 to pass a petition giving the green light to the Federal Communication Commissions again. Well, hopefully, the Congress realizes that the FCC’s damaging protocols would not only cripple Internet businesses and their rivals. It will also cap users’ access to details and inflate prices.

Additionally, it gets hold of extensive jurisdiction over the airwaves used by anyone who owns a mobile phone, hotspot, Wi-fi, or a radio. Due to the agency’s regulations, wireless providers can’t license several of the most important airwaves. Because of the spectrum deficiency, users pay higher costs for subsidiary mobile broadband service that they are accustomed to in a more inexpensive market setting.

If net neutrality will be forfeited, the agency’s decision will enable Internet Service Providers the power to influence what contents that users can directly access without their permission. However, if net neutrality prevails we are going to have an open network where apps, contents, and websites cannot be blocked or discriminated.

We will have an internet that empowers and protect our speech. Likewise, we will have the freedom to communicate freely online.


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