NEWS[VIDEO] South Korean Startup Promotes Net Neutrality

Maureen SantosFebruary 12, 20185156 min

Every day we use technology at home, in the office, or anywhere we go. Computers, mobile phones, and other devices play a major part in our lives that we can no longer live without. However, these devices and machines track every second of what we do and where we go. They act as tracking devices and record our daily routine.



We do not want to experience this kind of sneaking that is why Decenternet uses a decentralized system to prevent this from happening. Distinct channels such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and even Facebook physically dominate a large portion of the data that you see on the computer or mobile screen. Did you also know that their browsers and Operating Systems (OS) are specifically designed to keep you under surveillance? It only means that every move or activities you make are closely observed.  Scary, isn’t it?


This is what Decenternet’s decentralized system is preventing. Decenternet CEO Sean Kim strongly believes that the decentralization of wealth and power is impossible to accomplish if a third party aggregate is involved by any means. In order to carry out the element of a genuine and totally decentralized internet, the components like the browser, web server, storage, and Domain Name System or DNS should be decentralized to strengthen distributed contents. Moreover, physical decentralization should be the stipulation of all P2P or peer-to-peer internet framework.


What is Decenternet anyway?


To simplify, Decenternet is the most formidable comprehensive hyper-speed P2P decentralized infrastructure solution that blockchain technology can develop. It does not involve third-parties other than its users. Its cutting-edge technology enables users a much quicker, more riskless, and more exclusive decentralized internet together with the common websites we are already accustomed.


Decenternet’s decentralized system promotes Net Neutrality. This is what most internet users want especially bitcoin owners. This platform protects our freedom of speech and net neutrality utilizing the technology rather than apprehension, separation, and aggression. Since Net Neutrality is the internet’s governing norm, it protects our right to communicate online openly.


Internet Service Providers (ISPs) should not limit our capability and instead, ought to have us open networks.


In addition, they should not block or even single out any applications and contents that belong to those networks. ISPs should not intrude on what we view or post online. Without Net Neutrality, ISPs will have the opportunities to clout what kind of content that you can access to at once even without your permission.


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