NEWS[VIDEO] The Massive Importance of Net Neutrality

Maureen SantosMarch 15, 20184974 min

What is the importance of net neutrality?

Technology is unstoppable and its innovation continues to grow. We incorporate the breakthrough into our daily lives not knowing that we are victimizing ourselves. This is when net neutrality comes in to preserve our rights to privacy and reclaim our freedom.

Last year, Edward Snowden posted a tweet unveiling the truth about Smart TVs and certain software installed on computers, laptops, and even devices. These are used to spy on everything that you and record everything that you have said. He found out about this ingenious leak about four years ago. After two years, Samsung informally cautioned the public to become wary of their Smart TV with built-in software that recognizes voice which could record living room conversation.

TVision Insights is a new technology launched recently to enable companies to keep track of TV watcher’s watching nature. It means that while you are watching TV, you are being watched as well. The technology can record data where your eyes are looking at, or when you’re disturbed, or what you are feeling at that moment.

Privacy does not only apply to TVs, laptops, or mobile phones. People are being watched while watching television in the comfort of their home while stealing their rights to privacy. What more if they are using the internet for communication?

Net neutrality has been an issue for many years now. The government, state officials, and telecom companies including the people all over the world are entwined in the mess that the FCC created when it decided to repeal net neutrality.

State governors passed their own bills to protect net neutrality and their localities. State attorneys general sued the FCC along with other advocacy groups.

This is not the way we want this problem to be solved. We can still achieve net neutrality without the violence, fear, or diversity since technology can counter it.

Net neutrality matters because it is the internet’s guiding principle that preserves our right to communicate freely online. It also empowers and protects free speech. Consumers will be safeguarded from ISPs from blocking, throttling, and discriminating contents, apps, and other websites that they want to access.

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