ENVIRONMENTTECHNOLOGY[WATCH] Can Blockchain Technology Possibly Save the Planet?

Maureen SantosFebruary 19, 20193945 min

With the mass adoption of blockchain technology, its effectiveness is not limited to cryptocurrency but could also be an environment-friendly approach to preserving the only planet we live in.

With the advent of technology in this 21st century, humans cannot be stopped from innovation. Tech-minded people continue to find ways on how their inventions and breakthroughs can be utilized to make life easier. The question is, are these innovations, particularly blockchain technology, able to help save the planet?

Human activities have such great impact not only on the planet itself but also in the millions of species living on Earth. There are a lot of risks that people take which harms the planet. As a result, the planet deteriorates further and we’re faced with this question, “How long will earth remain habitable?”

Climate change. The drastic change in weather has been the hottest topic in debate over the last decade. Some people care while others fail to see how greatly it affects the future of this planet. Weather forecasting is very crucial in keeping people aware of the climate and how they can prepare to avoid future disasters and casualties. WeatherBlock is one platform that uses blockchain technology in weather forecasting.

The greenhouse gas level due to global warming is now at its highest over the last 3 million years. In May, it has risen to 412 parts per million. El Niño has devastated a lot of farmlands, leaving people around the world homeless and with nothing to eat.

Conserving flora and fauna. The Earth accommodates a trove of diversified plants and animals. However, each species suffers from extinction, including humans and one in five species could soon be wiped out. The rate of extinction is anticipated to increase by 50% at the end of the century unless we do something about it fast.

Making air breathable again. With the use of blockchain technology along with IoT devices, air pollution can now be identified together with the carbon monoxide absorbents. Air pollution can now be solved wherein industrial smoke emission can now be controlled and industries can be monitored if they adhere to the smoke emission standards or not.

Denuding of the forests. When deforestation occurs, it can be easily tracked using blockchain technology together with satellite imaging by adding images of the forest covered areas. The blockchain nodes will be able to monitor deforestation as it happens and readily supply solutions to remedy this issue.

In Malaysia, blockchain technology has been utilized for years, not just to monitor deforestation but also to track their tons of palm fruit harvests to make palm oil. Another thing is, it is used to identify the characteristics of the palm oil workers.


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