Watch Teacher’s Awesome Reaction To His Hostile Teenager Student

Teachers were dubbed as every person’s second parents. They are the people who taught us to count the 1,2,3… They are the one who taught us our A,B, C’s… But let’s face reality here, teachers have a different approach towards teaching. They have different strategies on how to make education easy and effective for their students. Come to think of it, being a teacher is harder than we thought. If you do not have the passion in educating the future generation, everything will become no sense at all. One example of awesome teacher was caught on this video below. What made this teacher awesome? Then watch this.

In this short video clip a teacher shows us the power of compassion and connection, by disarming a young hostile man with nothing but love and connection. So many times we try to fight fire with fire, when really someone who is acting out is only doing so out of there own personal struggle. I think a lot is to be learnt from this short clip and it really shows the power of understanding.