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Maureen SantosFebruary 22, 20185624 min

When it comes to digital modernization, the US has been considered as the world leader ever since the internet is established. The state sets the principles and values that the rest of the world accepted. However, the Federal Communications Commission’s change of heart to repeal its own net neutrality rules earned a worldwide conviction. Once it is overruled, the nations’ digital gap will multiply, abate its modernization and even indicate the start the end of the US digital domination.


Out of the technologically advanced nations, the US seems to be in disagreement with its net neutrality rules. It is worth noting that FCC implemented the rules that ISPs should not block or delay websites and apps and also not to engage in the so-called “paid prioritization.” But to the world’s dismay, the agency is reversing it.


The European Union, including Australia and Canada, are forcefully protecting net neutrality. But the drive might allow micro-economies, specifically those with more laid-back tradition and government that steals and exploits national resources, to desert crucial market stabilities.

Most startup companies like Decenternet protects the internet user’s freedom to communicate online whenever and wherever. It is a decentralized telecommunication solution utilizing an ultimate and comprehensive hyper-speed P2P system that can be created by blockchain technology.


It advocates net neutrality which is the internet’s governing foundation preserving the rights to have an open communication online. For Decenternet, net neutrality means an internet that empowers and defends free speech.   

Public Knowledge and other advocates remain to uphold state endeavors to withdraw the FCC decision via their own neutrality measures or executive orders authorizing neutrality in Internet Service Provider contracts with governors. This is an attempt that is building up adherence in blue states (US states that might elect Democrats) which also aim at the rule curtailment via lawsuits.   


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