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Maureen SantosApril 11, 20194037 min

How can you return the love that Mother Earth has given us that allows us to survive and thrive on this planet?

Planet Earth acts like the mother of all living things on the planet, hence the word Mother Nature or Mother Earth. It nurtures and cares for us. It provides us shelter, food, water, and fresh air to breathe. However, because of advanced technology and peoples’ selfish agendas, we have hurt our planet and all its inhabitants, including ourselves.

Human activities are gradually destroying the only planet we live in. Without considering the negative effects, we are now reaping the consequences of our actions. Global warming has never been worse. Half the world are experiencing heat waves and dry spells while the rest of the planet tries to cope with severe storms and flooding.

Climate change is now one of the biggest threat that every country is facing. Global leaders are finding ways on how to alleviate its negative effects. Various environmental groups are doing their own thing to help combat this destructive phenomenon.

Women as Mother Nature

The love of a mother to her children is priceless, just like Mother Earth’s love for its inhabitants. The environment needs women to make good decisions for the rehabilitation of the planet. Women can take better care of the planet as a mother lovingly takes care of her children. When it comes to good decision-making, women decide better in terms of conservation.

According to researcher Nathan Cook, the big issue in regards to environmental conservation is the importance of women’s presence. Based on a new study, if women participated in land-management resolutions, organizations are more prone to decide on the preservation of the environment.

Women as Good Decision Makers

Moreover, past researches have revealed that women are more inclined to support conservation measures. They also show greater concern for the ecosystem and gender inequality. The most recent study suggested that women have the capabilities to implement eco-friendly regulations if they were given positions in the government. The research was published in the Nature Climate Change journal.

Krister Andersson is a political science professor. She is also a researcher at the University of Colorado, Boulder’s Institute of Behavioral Science. Andersson said:

“When policymakers think about what to do to increase conservation around the world, gender quotas don’t even come up as a viable policy instrument. This study suggests they should.”

The team members visited 31 villages close to the jointly-managed rainforests in Peru, Indonesia, and Tanzania. They conducted land management simulation games. Local forest users were organized and tasked to decide how many trees must be cut down from a shared forest.

The participating groups were advised that they will receive 160 tokens from an outside organization once they decide to cease from harvesting trees. The elected group leader will be the one to decide how the tokens are going to be distributed.

Just like Wonder Woman

In the Amazon, roles of women in the indigenous Kichwa communities have expanded due to the presence of large corporations. These huge companies exploit the indigenous communities’ ancestral lands looking for precious minerals and resources. To counter such illegal activities, Amazonian women became community leaders and protectors of the environment.

More women participated as leaders in both the local and international level in Amazon’s environmental activist groups. One reason for this was the abuse and environmental degradation that imposed a great effect on their families.

The presence of women as good decision-makers when it comes to conserving the environment is no doubt significant. They could provide better recommendations for the preservation of planet Earth.


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